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    The dating game is a very difficult one. Even more so when the person you really like is a single parent. There are a lot of challenges and you will have to find a way to get over many of them.

    For example: how did the person become a single parent; were they in a relationship that went bad or was it a result of a one-nightstand?

    There are also other things to think about, such as: is their ex still in their life and if yes, does that mean they will be there every time your child has a special event, e.g. birthdays, school shows, etc.?

    Also, how do you fair coming second in the person’s life, because surely their kids come first?

    I think it’s a lot easier when a single parent dates another single parent, because there are a lot of experiences that they might be able to share. But if a single, person who have no kids date a single parent, they will really have to learn to put the other person first. Please share your challenges.


    would not have a problem with that. What scares some guys away is the fact that they jump straight to the relationship with the kid. They don’t get to do the stuff that comes before the child.

    For me personally, I think it would be fun. I love kids, hell I am a big kid myself. I once dated a gal with 2 children. I pretty much was dad for the time that we were dating (we eventually split after our jobs took us separate ways mutually).

    In a nutshell, yes I would.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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