Why Have Some Women Never Been Asked Out?

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    One of my best friends and I were hanging out the other day at a party (you know one of those parties you find online that invites random people as long as you pay an entrance fee? Yeah, those. 😀 By the end of the night the organizer approached me and asked me out. He told me that he organizes such parties every week and I can come in for free.

    Anyway, after hearing this, my friend asked “why is it that everytime I’m hanging out with you, a guy always asks you out?” I reassured her that it was purely coincidental. We got to talking and apparently, she’s never been asked out by a guy before! I was so surprised. She’s a great person with a great personality. She is on the plump side though, but I know plenty of women who are overweight and they get asked out all the time.

    Why are some women asked out all the time, and others don’t get asked out at all?



    It probably is purely coincidental as you’ve mentioned. I am sure her time will come.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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