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    Just because there is conflict in a marriage doesn?t mean that it?s doomed to fail. It?s an opportunity to talk about issues and come to a compromise. This can be done in marriage counseling when both partners are willing. Here?s when to consider marriage counseling.

    Unresolved issues. If you and your spouse have tried to resolve an issue on your own without success consider a marriage counselor. This person will be a sounding board to work through your problems.

    After an affair. An affair doesn?t have to mean the end of a relationship. Marriage counseling can be helpful for couples that want to move beyond an affair and heal the issues that may have caused it.

    Addiction issues. When one or both spouses has a problem with addiction, it?s good to have someone to talk that’s not involved in the marriage. Marriage counseling can provide a neutral place to discuss the addiction and it?s impact on the marriage.



    I Think these can be solved by understanding ..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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