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    Speed Dating is an excellent method for single people to experience and mix, however, if you are not positive exactly what to discover regarding your blind dates, you will waste each and every valuable moment you have with the man or women facing you. In the end, you lack the advantage of chatting for several hours and even taking a couple of minutes as a break when things are getting “nervous”.

    Here are some possible questions you might ask:

    * What do you do for entertainment? This should help you discover instantly if you both hold the exact same hobbies.

    * What do you do in your leisure time that you are completely enthusiastic about? Anything you might lose yourself in for several hours? This specific provides you with a preview if a person is an passionate collector, a music fanatic, video gaming nerd, and so on., as well as providing you with a peek within their character. In the end, if a person cannot muster up some enthusiasm while they are referring to stuff they adore carrying out in everyday life ? exactly what may they get anxious about?

    * What is your preferred film? Ask this rather than ?What sorts of films do you appreciate?? An individual’s favourite film can help you know very well what touches their heart and soul or makes them thrilled.

    * Enjoy cooking? What is your very best food? Most people have to eat every once in awhile. Some people like to barbecue, several adore to leave the house, and several would not imagine messing up a wonderfully fine kitchen area simply by using the stove.

    Coming soon, bad questions to ask on a speed date! 😀



    Nice tips Kappa, as nice as speed dating is its quite boring especially when you are with someone you like who also likes you and its time to move on 🙁



    Thanx, I never thought to ask about cooking, a great question.



    I’ve experienced speed dating and I think that if the two people are genuinely looking for a relationship then it can turn out to be a very good way in finding out more about a person in just a few minutes. However, in a lot of cases it can be abused. For example, if a guy is only looking to get laid he can participate in speed dating and then simply agree with everything the girl says. If she is the romantic sort, it’s not difficult to identify. As a result, she is completely fooled by this guy and he gets what he wants. I’ve been in first dates where guys have lied to me or shall I say, exaggerated the truth. One of the worst is where a guy told me that he was divorced and a few weeks later when I found myself falling for him he told me that the divorce papers weren’t even filed yet, he’s just permanently separated. I was shocked!



    I run weekly speed dating events and asking the same questions can be boring after a while.
    However, recent studies have shown that simply staring into each other’s eyes rather than talking can be the quickest way to get attraction !

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    I am quite surprised that speed dating is still going strong these days, I would have thought its been wiped out by online dating.



    I’m not sure you can know the person very well on a speed date but some very important questions like hobbies, job, has children or not you must ask.

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