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    Excessive pounds are not something to be proud of and much women and men lately are searching for that pill that produce weight loss with the blink of an eye, without making any changes in lifestyle and, of course, without costing a lot.

    Although weight loss pills appear to be the best and simplest method for regaining the body you had before, well, it is just an appearance.

    There are several types of weight loss pills : those that are issued only under medical prescription and those considered to be 100% natural. Prescription pills issued by doctors are very strong and aggresive with human body, with dangerous side effects if taken by the ear. However those pills are prescribed only in advanced cases of obesity when excessive fat endangers patient?s life and there is no time to wait results from sports or diet.

    The other weight loss pills that can be bought without prescription are either ineffective (as past studies demonstrate) or contain dangerous substances.At Stockholm?s International Obesity Congress researchers have tested nine of the most used weight loss suplements on different patients, some receiving a dose of these supplements while others only placebo pills. After 8 weeks, the conclusion was that those drugs are ineffective and the weight loss is due only to placebo effect. However, this study also revealed some very dangerous side effects for the pills while some contain amphetamines, sibutramine and other bad compounds.

    Here is the truth about weight loss supplements :
    – Increase blood pressure
    – Produce panic attacks
    – Lead to tachycardia
    – Increase respiratoru frequency
    – Inhibit certain brain centres, such as the one for hunger, with negative effects on self-regulation capacities of the organism
    – Disrupt the hormonal balance
    – They are addictive
    – Cause deep depression and mental disorders
    – Increase risk of heart diseases
    – Increase the risk of diabetes
    – Produce psychomotor disorders and tremors.

    Nutritionists say the effects of these weight loss pills on a long run are not safe at all, and this not even producers cannot guarantee. So this is the truth about weight loss supplements, now will you take some or just live a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and varied sports ?


    Thanks for the information… From now on i will be more careful in taking reducing products..

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