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    When you are dating a woman, it might be an advantage to know what she fears most. Here is a top 5 with fears that a woman has while going on a date with you.

    1. She is afraid you’ll turn out to be just like her ex boyfriends

    Her fears are quite grounded here. It’s not that odd that a woman will chose the same type of man, but it doesn’t mean she want’s you to be like her ex.

    2. She is afraid she is not sexy or beautiful

    This is related to her self-esteem and a fear or rejection. She might think she’ll disappoint you, she’ll not reach your expectations. Perhaps she had a bad experience in her past dates or she is simply concerned with the society’s standards of what is means to be sexy or beautiful.

    3. She’s afraid you are not what you seem to be
    In other words, she doesn’t want to be deceived. Even if you appear to be perfect, she’ll still think it’s too good to be true. Or perhaps she thinks that she’ll change her mind about you when the feeling of excitement disappears.

    4. She is afraid she’ll compromise and settle for less
    She doesn’t know you that well and she doesn’t know what is still out there. So, she might think that she is missing other great partners just by being with you or committing.

    5. She is afraid you’ll not make the next step
    When you are dating fro a while, she might think you don’t want to have a serious relationship, that you are afraid of commitment and that you don’t see her as a potential partner (just as a date). This is why it’s not a good idea to date for too long.



    [Trebuchet MS][Trebuchet MS]More than anything else fear when dating will get you off to a bad start. Some single women and men are scared of reaching out to singles of the opposite sex for fear of being rejected by them.
    [Trebuchet MS]Thanks Alena for this awesome post.



    I think,here is nothing to ask.You have sketched very well the senses of a woman.Thanks for this rare knowledge.Now i will try to answer my next dated female.



    She is afraid she is not sexy or beautiful – oh, it`s an eternal problem always( I`m 20 and I think I am not nice enough because my boyfriend left me for another girl. I cannot raise my self-appraisal to a normal extend after that, so I feel so bad and lonely(

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