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    So you decided to quit smoking! Good for you! Whether it was in the spur of the moment or you gave it some hard thinking, you are sure you don’t want to put another cigarette in your lungs. So get started!

    1. Decide when id the perfect time to do it
    If you know you are going to have a stressful period filled with exams or loads of work, it might not be a good time to consider giving up smoking. Chances are that you are going to give up if you are used with smoking while being under pressure. Also, if you are planning a trip with your friends or having several events that you need to attend, postpone the attempt. Do it when you know there are small chances of you sticking to your plan. But if you feel that there are always going to be stressful periods or fun events, start any day and hang in there!

    2. Prepare yourself for what is coming
    One week before you want to stop smoking, keep a diary. Write in it every cigarette you smoked and also put down the reason for doing it (even if it’s a silly reason like boredom or ‘I did it because X did it’). In this way, you will see what your weak point are and try to improve them. Also, you should remove all the evidence that you once smoked: ashtrays, lighters and of course cigarettes! If you want to quit smoking, don’t carry a lighter or a pack of cigarettes with you. Makes sense?

    3. Use products that might help you
    There are plenty of products to choose from, just make sure you are choosing the right one. A nicotine gum will not replace the cigarette, but it will help you in your attempt. People respond differently to products, so if you feel that one is not doing that much for you, try another one. And make sure you are using it properly. For example, the chewing gum requires you to chew aggressively for a few seconds and then park the gum in your mouth. So it’s not really a typical way of chewing a gum.

    4. Control your cravings

    It’s normal to have cravings after you stop smoking, even for a few hours. It’s a habit that you think got you addicted. But the only addiction is in your head. Even if you use good products, you will feel the need for the real thing. This Craving usually lasts between 3 and 5 minutes, so when it heats you, do something to distract your attention: do some push-ups, talk to a friend on the phone, or even chew on your pencil.

    5. Get support
    There are many organizations that help people in their jurney towards a healthy life. Consider joining one. There are even hot-lines for you to talk with an expert whenever you feel the need for a cigarette. Also, having someone along for the road can really help you, o ask a friend or someone close to you if they would join you. You could support each other.

    6. Think positive
    You are now a non-smoker, so think often of that. Make a list of all the reasons you gave up smoking and carry it with you at all times. When you feel the need to smoke, read the list again. You can even add to the list by putting down things that you didn’t notice before, like the smell of your clothes or breath.

    7. Reward yourself
    giving up smoking is not something easy, so you need to reward yourself as you reach your goal. This is self motivation. For example, give yourself a new gardening tool after successfully controlling your urges for 1 month. Set yourself targets and promise yourself a reward when you reach it… you can buy the reward with all the money you saved from not smoking that month.

    8. Don’t be too harsh on yourself
    It is normal to give in smoking after you decided to quit. But smoking one cigarette after a period of, lets say, 1 month, does not make you a smoker again! So don’t start buying those packs just yet. Get yourself back on track. One cigarette is not going to harm you, but if you say ‘OK I’m a smoker again’, you’re going to have more and more… which is not good for you.

    I hope these tips were useful. Did you try to quit smoking? How did it go for you?



    Been there, done that, not for me though. I just realize I love smoking. 😀



    I also love smoking and I didn’t try to quit yet. But these tips make sense, and I will try them one day.



    I think I will try an e-cig when I do finally try to quit… been saying that for years now



    Another tips is to chew sugarless gum. You won’t gain weight, the chewing will relieve stress and you’ll breath will be fresh.

    every year thousands of people quit smoking and there is every reason to believe that you can be one of them. Just think about all the reasons you want to stop smoking and how much life you really have in front of you. There?s no better time to quit than now

    I’ve tried to quit smoking for a long time now. I made a promise to quit smoking 2010, lets see how long :rolleyes: it lasts… 😀



    I really do agree with these tips, try any alternate of smoking like anything that you like to eat and one of your favorite’s one. So I think this may help you to quit smoking.



    Hey,Good tips..I have heard that yoga and meditation also helpful for quit smoking.

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