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    Sometimes women lie to their men for a variety of reasons. It could be that she doesn?t want to hurt his feelings or she?s embarrassed about something. Here are three circumstances women lie about.

    That nothing is wrong ? when it is. Women don?t always want to talk about their feelings. To avoid this she?ll say nothing is wrong even if something is bothering her. She may leave it up to you to figure it out.

    The number of men she?s slept with. She may want you to feel you?re only one of the select few to be intimate with her. In this case she?s likely to reduce the number of sex partners a bit.

    That she?s satisfied in bed. You may actually be satisfying her in bed, but if you weren?t she?s not likely to tell you. She may try to hint here and there. It?s up to you to know your woman well enough to pick up on when she?s not completely satisfied.



    wow)) hey, but I`ve chosen three more things girls usually lie about just after u got acquainted with her – age, weight and boobs size) it`s really so, believe me)



    thats true that is

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