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    It is not a big secret that today everyone can find many and many different information about love/marriage/relationship. And here are the latest from our friends:

    • Don?t expect that your partner will be the same for a long period. Most people changing during their life. So you must be ready to take it.
    • Learn how to talk about misunderstandings. Everyone makes a mistake so you must know how to talk about it.
    • Understand that sex changes too. Older people do not have as great sex as younger.
    • Enjoy your current life. Do not mention many times that life in the past was better. Live your life today.
    • Laugh together. Watch films and comedian shows together.
    • If your partner wants to talk with you ? shut up and listen.
    • Even if you have many children ? arrange time without children
    • Don?t be cruel
    • You still must develop yourself
    • Learn to forgive your partner
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