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    We all heard warnings that smoking is bad for our health, and the penis is no exception to this. No, the penis is not bad for our health, smoking is bad for the penis.
    Here are two negative effects that smoking has on the genitals:
    1. It reduces the size up to 1 centimeter by restricting the quantity of blood flow into the penis chambers. Erections are all about good blood flow, and lighting up calcifies blood vessels and stifling erectile circulation.
    2. In causes erectile dysfunction or ED because it reduces the blood flow and damages its quality. The penis is the quickest and first part of the body to be affected by clogged arteries and the oncoming of ED must be taken as a strong warning of potentially far worse problems such as possible heart attacks.
    Before you give up smoking, these effect are just a big ‘might’. Smoking will not 100% cause these things, but you increase the risk of having them if you smoke. So you were worn!
    (Lucky me that I don’t have a penis!:p)



    tell me what we can do to treat Erectile dysfunction and tell me how to increase penis size.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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