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    There has been loads of fantastic stories about being single on BBC, it was sparked by a story written by a guy who asks []why couples are so mean to singles in his article , his article prompted loads of stories about being single, excerpt from some of the singles story follows:

    After spending most of my life being married to various people, I find being single like a breath of fresh air. No, actually it is more like being released into Paris in springtime after being chained up in the Bastille for a few hundred years or so. So we are not supposed to be alone, are we, you cosy and smug little lovebirds? Well I pity you, and I am so glad I am not like you. I don’t have to be part of a double act all the time. I say what I think instead of the sickening “We like x, don’t we Sweetie?”,

    you can read more stories like this by visiting the original page:

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