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    I?m sure most of you have seen some very funny messages at online dating sites. But I?m sure you have not seen these:

    • I know you probably don?t understand my words, but I gonna tell you?you?re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. And I?d like to strip you down and butter you like a slice of wonderbread, and shave your armpits, and pour honey all over your naked body. And for the next two weeks pretend I was a?hungry bear?
    • Is your dad in jail? Because if I was your dad I would be in jail?
    • I will give you 500 bucks for a bj or a quickie.? Random, offensive possibly. I know. Just extremely straightforward. ?
    • He had the same user name for his dating profile and a men?s divorce site. Probably used the same handle for his e-mail. So, I advise you all to google a user name, and e-mail prefix. I googled my own e-mail prefix, and oops! Found it in an old forum that I had completely forgotten about, lol.?
    • U could be my queen and my face can be your throne?
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