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    It is not a secret that good picture on your online dating profile leads to success. But not many pay much attention to their pictures. With these simple rules you will have more chances to be on top:

    • Post fresh picture. Many people prefer to publish a picture where they look better but very often it could be a picture from 3 years ago. It means that when you go on a date, your partner may ask you why do you look different to your online dating picture.
    • Try to be serious on a picture. Most people are looking for something serious at online dating sites so serious picture would be better.
    • It must be a picture of yourself. Some people prefer to upload a picture where they are not alone so your potential profile viewers may identify you in a wrong way.
    • Lighting is very important. If the light is bad ? your picture may not be as good as you expect.
    • Ask your friend to make a picture of you. Today selfies are very popular but it is not the best choice for online dating profile. It would be better if your friend can help you to make a good picture.
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