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    Well I guess this is very interesting question ?Should you keep your online dating profile description long or short?. Of course when I see profiles with no description, it means:

    • It could be a fake profile
    • The owner of this profile did not find few minutes to write something about himself. So probably he/she will not find a time on me too.

    But should you write long or short description? I guess I will not be very witty if I tell that you should find a middle ground. It is true that very short description do not attract members but those who regularly review tens of profiles possible will not find enough of time to read your long description.

    I would suggest to write 2-3 paragraphes: 4 lines each. Also it matters who you are: I mean a man or a woman. Because men do not like to read a lot, when women prefer to know as much as possible before sending a message.

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