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    My sister?s wedding is the most extravagant I?ve ever been to. It?s your typical movie-like arrangement; with the large bouquets all over the place, expensive gown, fireworks, open bar, wealthy guests and most of all, everything was held in a luxury island resort where the guests occupied most of the hotel room. It was an amazing experience, that is very hard to forget.

    So I can only imagine how unforgettable this experience was for the married couple, who are still happily married to this day. I don?t exactly know how much was spent for the wedding but rumour has it that it was almost a hundred thousand dollars!

    When I think of a possible wedding ceremony that I might want to hold in the future, I cannot possibly imagine having something even close to luxurious. Firstly, it?s because I don?t have the money for it, secondly, it?s because I don?t ever seem to land guys who are wealthy and lastly, I don?t know if that much money should ever be spent on a wedding ceremony.

    Obviously, if it wasn?t coming out of my bank account then by all means a great ceremony will be one that my family and friends won?t ever forget. But if the cost is coming out of my wallet then I would rather have something small but special. After all, it wouldn?t be a great idea to start a married life with the possibility of financial troubles due to the cost of the wedding ceremony!

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