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    Intimacy, sex, physical contact is difficult concepts for a woman who has just experienced a strong and unique experience of childbirth and is starting the equally demanding of motherhood. Therefore it is very common and also quite normal that the sexual activities with a partner, with only a few months after the birth of the baby. This is for several reasons, explains Dr. Laura Rivolta, psychologist and sexologist.

    “The difficulty of resuming sexual life is a common problem in new mothers. Fully invested in his new role, she struggles to be seen again as partners and as a lover. Some parts of his body as the breast, first symbols of desire and femininity, are now entrusted with the maternal functions, such as breastfeeding. The recovery of the size of the body itself also depends on the relationship that women have always had with his body and his physical size, a woman comfortable with her body will probably have less difficulty in recovering his sexuality.

    Then there’s the purely physical aspect: the memory of pain and effort of childbirth, the presence of any tears or points in the perinea area, the physical exhaustion and sleep deprivation are certainly good to see increase own sexual desire. Disinterest can also be increased by the fear of getting pregnant again.

    Furthermore, midwives point out that the high level of prolactin in the blood when breastfeeding reduces libido and causes an unpleasant vaginal dryness that makes intercourse. And then the breast of a nursing mother loses milk in abundance in the presence of sexual arousal because it increases oxytocin into the circulation, and this may cause embarrassment in women.

    Here’s some useful advice:

    1. Do not worry if at this moment he felt no impulse toward your companion is a time to justify and passenger.

    2. Try to understand the needs and concerns of your partner: it is easy to feel neglected or rejected, before the new arrival he had for himself and now needs time to learn to share. The solution lies in dialogue and sharing what it feels like.

    3. Gradually resume your contacts. There are many ways to be together and cuddle: massages, baths, dinner, intimate moments like cuddles and caresses that do not involve penetration but they are still intense and important. We must recover the sensual dimension in a broad sense, before the actual penetrative.

    4. When you return to have full reports do it gradually. The tissues around the vagina are very sensitive and often need to use oil or other lubricants. It is easier to control the penetration if you were over your partner; the pressure on the perineum is lower in this position. If you feel pain, will disappear in a few weeks and sexual intercourse will help to return your tissues elastic.



    If it’s after the first child, I’d advice men to take it slow. Ur wife would probably be over facinated with the new life U helped her create. So much so she myt be more of a mother than a wife without realizing it.

    It’s good to just kinda go cold turkey on her till she realises she’s missing something and that something is U.

    Most women would choose their child over their husbands so U have to be diplomatic about making advances to her.

    Whatever the case, wait for her to come to U. Sex with a woman that wants U too usually is more satisfying than sex with a woman U want.


    that’s right

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