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    Dear All

    I am conducting a research project for the University of Sussex into gendered attitudes towards sex and relationships. The aim of my study is to identify whether or not there are significant differences in sexual desire between men and women, and if so what the nature of these differences is and what implications this might have.

    Over the next month I will be conducting interviews online to gather data on this topic and I am posting here to see if anyone would like to take part in these interviews. These interviews will last between 20 and 45 minutes; carried out either by email or instant message (your choice) and at a time to suit you. I will only interview you about your attitudes and beliefs towards sexuality and relationships; there will be no questions on your sexual history or practices. Data from these interviews will be saved and may be featured in publications, however the identities of respondents will be kept strictly confidential.

    This is an opportunity to really further our understanding of an element of humanity so central to our modern lives and one that is often neglected. It is obviously your choice to take part and no names or online identities will be referred to in the write up.

    If you would like to take part or have any questions about the study please contact me by personal message or email: [EMAIL=””][/EMAIL].

    Thank you for reading.

    Jim Forsyth Harris

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