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    1. They usually earn much more than you are

    Women value financial status nowadays more than ever. Now, think practically: what is a geek’s biggest advantage over you? Yes, usually money! And women love money, got it? 😀

    2. Geeks are smarter than you

    They definitely do not have your social experience but they can have degrees in various fields like literature, math and even nuclear physics. A geek is not limited to only one particular boring subject.

    3. Geeks are very careful

    Men generally are not designed to be multifunctional. Therefore, when you have a meeting, you will notice how you analyze … While you are speaking to concentrate.

    How are the nerds? Even if they are not staring at your cleavage generous (and geeks are men, after all) does not mean that and appreciate that, but prefer to conquer you with their elegant manners, her acts of undeniable, by courtesy. They will prefer to maintain discretion.

    4. They remember the important days

    Here we refer to the days when major league games take place, but your birthday, the day that you meet, the day that gave you the first flower, etc.. I’m kind of mobile calendar. They know that women care about these things.

    5. Geeks make the best choices when it comes to gifts

    Not only that he will remember when your birthday is, but will try to make you a special gift that will put a smile on your face. He wants you to feel great with him.

    6. Geeks do not ever get tired

    You missed your favorite TV show? Never mind, he will call on all his friends to get the recorded video. If he cannot find anything, there are always lots of Torrents he is already a proud member of!

    7. Trustworthy

    They will not cheat, they cannot afford to lose you. They will love you and hold you like a trophy, or something alike. 😀



    I like the point about geeks who are very powerful ever) they will never get tired?) hmm, we will check)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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