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    Dating a single mum or dad can bring a lot of fulfillment into a person?s life. You not only get to know a wonderful partner, after awhile you?ll likely develop a fondness for their children as well. Here are some reasons to take it slow when dating a single parent.

    Shows you?re dependable. You don?t want to move too fast when developing a relationship with a single dad or mum. They need to see that your interest isn?t fleeting. A slow steady relationship develops trust.

    Children need stability. If you sense the single parent you?re dating is looking for a lasting relationship, don?t try to rush it. Children need stability and they don?t need to meet everyone their parent dates.

    Ease guilt. Some single parents feel guilty for spending time away from their children to date. By taking it slow, you won?t require much of their time in the initial stages of the relationship.




    I know this feeling, I am a single parent and don’t date because my kiddies are the most important to spend my free time with. And you don’t always see them either as they spend time with their dad as well…another reason why it is hard for single parents to find the time to date.



    It may be hard to keep your children out of it when dating, but you have to be careful with allowing them in too much. Dating has to be about you and the person you are dating not the children, at least to begin with. Once you know he or she is the right person for you, then you can introduce the children to the relationship. This is a delicate things and you have to be careful with the fine line between dating someone because your children love them or they seem good with them and they are right for you.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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