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    In a study of men and women age 45 and older, half of them reported that they aren’t as sexually satisfied as they were 10 years before. There are a few reasons for this decrease.

    Erectile dysfunction. If a man has trouble getting or maintaining an erection, this can put a damper on sexual activity. Some men may feel embarrassment if they’re dealing with erectile dysfunction.

    Menopause. Women experience a fluctuation of hormone levels when they enter the time of menopause. Other effects of menopause are a shortened and narrowed vagina and less lubrication. Some women find sex painful.

    Health conditions. As people age they become more susceptible to health conditions such as stroke and heart disease. These conditions can have an impact on a man or woman’s sex life. Medications to treat various health conditions can also lower a person’s libido.



    hey tell me what we can do to treat erectile dysfunction any idea.

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