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    It is quite fashionable this days for rich man or woman trying to protect his or her asset from a partner to have a prenuptial agreement on what the partner is entitled to in the even of the marriage breaking down. It looks like the days of for better for worst is well and truly over.

    The problem with prenuptial agreement is that it is a very complex document to enforce when a relationship finally hits the rock and the couples goes through the agreement they made many year before (when things were good between them). One such case that is currently going through the courts in UK is that of Katrin Radmacher and her husband Nicholas Granatino. In the document, it was agreed that Ms Radmacher and Mr Granatino would not make any claim against each other should they split up apart from money to do with their two children.

    Mr Radmacher wanted 10 million of his ex-wife’s 100million fortune, a lower court awarded him 6 million however his ex-wife is contesting the award arguing that they both agree not to make a claim against each other before they got married should their marriage break down.



    I thing a prenup is not killing a marriage. It takes two mature people to realize that this is necessary. You can’t guarantee that you won’t change in the future, and you can’t do it for you partner as well. I heard of people that were not rich (middle class) that lost everything to their wives because of a divorce and no prenup.
    Of course, if you husband suggests a prenup, you might think that he doesn’t trust you. But do you trust yourself? Can you say that in 10 years you won’t meat someone else, or be angry at him and wish to make him suffer by taking his money?
    I know I can’t. 🙂

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