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    The fact below will show you why online dating sites are very important today.

    [*]1 from 3 Americans now meet their partner via online dating sites
    [*]Marriages that growth from online relationships are more satisfying and less likely to end in divorce.
    [*]Worldwide online dating industry is worth $1,049 billion /year
    [*]Average customer of online dating site spend $239/year
    [*]Mobile online dating market is worth $550 million
    [*]At the end of 2013 mobile online dating market expecting to be worth $1.3 billion
    [*]40 million of Americans use online dating sites
    [*]The average user spend 22 minutes on online dating site per visit
    [*]The average user spend 12 hours per week browsing and searching profiles online
    [*]22% married couples in 2007-2009 met though the internet
    [*]The average man view 3x more profiles than average woman
    [*]The average man 40% moke likely to initiate contact with a woman after viewing her profile than average woman
    [*]In average men reply to 25% of the messages they receive through online dating sites when woman in average only to 16%

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