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    I don’t know what to do, my ex boyfriend is doing everything in his power to ruin all my new relationships. Guys I go out with feel that it’s just too complicated for them to be with a girl who is still talking to her ex. But that really isn’t the case! My ex knows my number so he calls me all the time. If I don’t pick up he will start sending me a string of threatening text messages how he can make my life a living hell (which I feel he is already doing). I ended this relationship many years ago but it’s not something he can let go of.

    This is affecting all my relationships and it is also affecting his own. It started when we didn’t talk for a few years and then we met up accidentally and he told me that he just wants to keep it amicable. I completely fell for that, and he’s had my contact number ever since. Please note that he also knows where I live, so there’s nothing much I can do unless I file a restraining order but I don’t think there are enough grounds for that. Have you ever been in this situation where your ex will just not leave you alone? How did you solve it?



    Hi darlene

    Love pussy blokes like this (your post is onther post that made me join this forum)
    have you not got any one that can have a word? he sounds like a bully. if you keep the texts and take them to the police they will do some thing about it i have a friend in the same sort of boat and didn’t hear from her for a week got abit worryed then got a text “sorry CID took my phone to take messages etc off and are going to sort things out” so well worth doing going for restraining order to.
    onther thing to do is not to reply to them or even anser the phone send a tex saying some thing like “please stop contacting me” then leave it as that as the police will look in to any thing he says.

    hope this helps



    Thanks for your advice 2stepsback. I’ve thought about that over and over again. I don’t like the idea of cornering someone into a restraining order but sometimes I feel it really might be necessary.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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