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    It’s obviously about menage a trois, and not of whether you’d do it or not, but what are your highest concerns with it?

    I’m thinking that if I’d delve into a threesome, I would be worried of:

    -from where do I chose that third person so that it won’t feel awkward and, most important, I would be safe?
    -how can I just refrain from jealousy and focus on feeling good instead?
    -what if my partner will enjoy it so much that he will soon be more interested in such experiences rather than turning to have sex with me?
    -what boundaries should I set like what would I enjoy and what I would not want to do under no circumstances?
    -how should I cope with his disappointment if I freak out last minute and want to cancel it?

    Is there anything else to worry you? Or do you already have answers to worries like mines? 😮

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