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    Sounds too good to be true? Just kidding. Satisfying your partner sexually is something that all men should focus one when they are having sex. Sure, you know you’re going to finish anyway, so why not make your partner happy?

    First of all, let’s be clear about some things. Some women fake orgasm. Some don’t even bother faking as no one cares about asking them if they came. And, some do experience orgasms, even multi-orgasms. The final satisfaction of a woman depends on both of you.

    If it depends on you:
    Communicate: being sexually intimate is not going to guarantee a good time for her. Being emotionally intimate before sex will do the trick. So talk about your fantasies, likes and dislikes when it comes to sex. The more you talk about it, the more aware of each other you become. But there is an important thing you should keep in mind: DO listen to what she is saying. If she specifically says that she doesn’t like certain thing, doing them during sex will only out her of, or get her pissed of. It;s hard to focus during sex, but do try it: even though you like touching her in certain ways and you got used to it, don’t do it if she says it’s not her cup of tea!
    Take your time: sex is not a race you need to finish first! You shouldn’t focus on coming, but on the quality of the sex. A session of good sex can take 30 seconds or 60 minutes, but so can a bad sexual experience. So it’s not about how much it last, but about what you put in it (and by it I mean the sex!:)). The climax may come at the end for men, but for women there’s a whole lot of pleasure to be had from making the most of the course. So if you really want to impress, slow down and concentrate on what she likes.
    Give her attention: it might seem that your penis is the most important thing at that time, but do look for her reactions. It doesn’t matter if she screams, moans, or even stops breathing for a few seconds… you can see from those changes if she likes or dislikes the things you do. Focusing on your needs and not hers is going to leave her cold, so start picking up on the way she responds and stop thinking about yourself all the time.
    Don’t just stop: just because you came doesn’t mean the sex is over. This is something that I like to call ‘Fuck-drop-and-roll-over’. Get the picture? Consider the situation from her point of view: would you like her to finish before you do and go to sleep? Or is it that this situation is different because men are meant to come all the time, because they do the penetration? When you finish, try and make your partner come as well. Of course, you shouldn’t see this as an obligation. Building her a proper climax should have happened during sex… if it didn’t, chances are that she won’t come now. So again, think of quality sex.
    Focus on the clit: very few women orgasm solely as a result of the penis penetrating the vagina, so the foreplay is very important. Playing with her clitoris is a must have! If you don’t now what that is or where it is located, you shouldn’t be allowed to have sex. Just kidding… not! Most women reach orgasm as a result of the clitoris being stimulated, so get to work!

    If it depends on her
    In some cases, no matter what you do, your partner can’t come. Don’t despair. She might have some physical or psychological problems. A visit to her doctor should clear things out. But don’t just leave thing like that, assuming she is the problem. If it’s not proven scientifically, then it doesn’t exist. Right?
    See what her fantasies are. If she doesn’t know what she likes or not, experiment. Take your time in trying different things. You should care enough to offer her some exploration time.
    Women fake orgasms. Maybe they’re not in the mood, so want it over faster, or maybe they are too shy to tell you it’s all wrong, but whatever the reason they are cheating themselves and you. If they are not in the mood, they should not do it with you just to make your day. Or, it might be that you have different sex drives (read here:

    Sex should be a wonderful experience for both partners, and if possible, it should end with both of them having their desert.



    I didn’t know about clitoris.It is a new info for me that you gave here.Especially I like the phrase most “sex is not a race you need to finish first!”.There is nothing you leave that i tell you about having best timing of sex.Nice written….;)



    Good of u that u have learned about a clit)) It`s not to late to learn how to make ur girl screaming under u)

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