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    Losing an erection during sex happens to many men so if it happens to you, don’t panic. You are not going to die! 🙂 You get a good start and in the middle of your performance your best friend betrays you by falling asleep. If this happens often, you should visit a doctor.
    So what might be the cause? A sexual routine can cause your erection to soften after the penetration occurs so do try to spice up your sex life. If not, your relationship might suffer as both of you will not be sexually satisfied.
    There are some tools that can help you with this problem. The so called penis pump are usually used to create pleasure but it can also fix your problem. Nevertheless, you should be careful on how you use them, because you might get your little friend injured! (and then you really have a problem). Also, there are many natural products that can help you get a proper erection and you can always try Viagra.
    Of course, you can always try watching porn during sex. But don’t do it often and without a partner… it might not be a solution but a cause…



    Losing your erection while intercourse is a common issue but now mostly people use viagra or other sexual pills that can solve this problem.If you don’t use any pill and having a problem like this then try to consult your doctor immediately.Don’t worry about this problem because you are not the giant.:p



    so, if ur partner really loves u – don`t worry, he won`t break up with u. u have only to calm down – nothing weird or serious happens, it`s only ur emotional condition which prevents u from satisfying ur partner. probably u have to have some rest?)



    Losing an erection can also be caused by mental problems, it’s necessary sometimes to consult a psychologist.

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