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    Statistics released recently show that 42% of married couple in England and Wales divorce, which is a 3% less than the previous statistics.

    In total there were 117,558 divorces last year, a decrease of 1.7% since 2010, the Office for National Statistics said.
    The number of divorces in 2011 was highest among people aged 40 to 44.
    In 2011, 10.8 people divorced per thousand married people, compared with 12.9 in 2001.
    The findings showed that there continues to a “general decline” in divorces since 2003 when there were 153,065.
    The fall in divorces is consistent with a decline in the number of marriages to 2009 – a factor which may be due to the increasing number of couples choosing to co-habit rather than marry, the ONS said.

    you can read more about this here: bbc.co.uk/news/uk-20794505

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