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    Online dating would be much easier for everyone with these easy tips.

    • Don?t go to your first date if you are a little drunk. First impression means a lot and if your patner will see you drunk ? probably it will be your last date.
    • Don?t meet someone you met online at their place. Everyone must feel comfortable and it would be a little weird for you if your first date would be in her/his place.
    • Don?t go on a date with a guy/girl your best friend has already gone. Such situations can happen very often for small cities where both are looking for local dating.
    • Speak via telephone before you go on the face-to-face date. Some people may not feel comfortable when they hear your voice. So if you do not want to see his/her surprising face when you become saying something ? speak via phone at first.
    • Don?t send tens of messages to the one person if he/she is not responding.
    • Don?t send naughty selfies, of course if you are not using naughty dating site.
    • When going on the first date, be sure that the place you?ve chosen is not very typical and you can surprise your partner. Have fun on your date.
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