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    My jogging buddy and I were talking about our need to socialize more so that we’ll get to meet new people. You get to a certain point in your life where everything is so routine that you end up meeting the same groups of people all the time.

    I used to go clubbing a lot but now that I’m a little older I always feel too old when I go to such places so it’s something I try to avoid. Besides, I usually end up drunk and then I do stuff I really regret.

    But right now I can’t think of anywhere else to meet new people, and I was just wondering if any of you have ever met decent people at clubs? Although I’m not the kind of person who enjoys dating guys who frequent such places. Hopefully I can meet someone who just got dragged there by his friends.



    I guess if he’s not up there dancing on those huge speakers or if he’s not in the middle of the dance floor with a dozen of chicks hanging around his neck, there is still a chance. If you are into clubbing, you will find decent people in clubs. But if clubbing is not your thing, why look for a partner in there?



    I believe that if you are being set up by someone and you’ve all agreed to meet at a club then great. That way, you can meet the person at a relatively casual setting and that can really help break the ice. However, I just don’t get people who look for boyfriends or girlfriends at clubs. I’m not saying that there are no good people in such places because I’m sure there are. But you will tend to meet a lot of outgoing, extroverts at clubs. If that’s the sort of person you’re lookin for then go for it. But if you’re looking to settle down and you want someone who enjoys staying at home or doing something that doesn’t really involve dirty dancing and shots then there are many other places to meet people.



    Clubs are terrible places for dating! Too much alcohol, noise and unsuitable matches.

    Singles events are much better for this. Everyone is on their best behaviour and you know they are all single.



    Datingcoach it isn`t right that club is a horrible place for dating. . . if you are saying that there is alcohol and such things like this. . . don`t use it.
    it`s all depend on man what he do there. . . Some one should have control on his/her desires. so that everyone can join club.


    as a virgin again, i will say i agree with datingcoaches post. clubs are not a good place to meet a partner ever.

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