Is it "healthy" to take your partner to the workout class?

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    If you are into doing sports and you are also involved in a relationship, like I am, you may be confronted at some point with deciding whether you want to have that workout session together with your lover or going solo.
    I’ve read a bunch of craps on how important doing things together is, but I’m not sure how this one could help your relationship. Here are just a few complications I can anticipate when doing so:

    -having different workout stiles and either making bad jokes or forcing each other to speed it up, which will raise tensions
    -being caught while taking a peek to a hot ass or some strong pecs, which will raise tensions :p
    -having the feeling that you are not doing it for yourself but as a couple thing

    Can you think of anything else or is it that great for you to workout with your partner, cause for me is not that great?



    It really depends on interest, I am a member of a running club, quite a few other members are a couple, they don’t necessarily run together because abilities tends to be different but at least they come to the running club together and leave together.



    Well It is right to say that it is all about intention . It is obvious that one partner tend to do training at running club and other is not which is very problematic for them . So it is clear that both should have interest to do workout for fitness as well as for health improvement .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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