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    Every year the percentage of successful married couples is decreasing. There are quite many reasons for that but, at the same time, only few couples follow these important and easy secrets of a successful marriage:

    • Happiness is not the most important thing in relationships. Happiness will come and go and you must learn how to live in happy and bittersweet moments of your life.
    • Give, take and trust are 3 the most important words in last-long relationships.
    • A sense of humour is important too. It is proven fact that easier to come through bad moments in your life when you can laugh.
    • Sex is important but not on the first place. Couples aged at 70 or older do not have sex [some of course have] but they are still in relationship.
    • Change your mind even if you know you are right. Bad attitudes often drive bad feelings
    • If you want to change your marriage start with yourself.
    • A crisis in relationship does not mean the marriage is over. Read a pevious tip and start with yourself if you want to change it.
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