If A Guy Gets A Girl Pregnant Should He Marry Her?

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    Assuming a guy was sexually involved with a girl and then they accidentally get pregnant, should he marry her out of duty? I know a few people who were in that exact situation. When the girl got pregnant, some of these couples got married. Other guys however, feel that they should not marry a girl that they didn’t love. But they felt it necessary to be there for their child.

    I believe that if a guy gets a girl pregnant, he should definitely marry her. This is someone who will be bringing up his child, and trying to make a man or a woman out of that child. Out of duty, responsibility and integrity, a guy should man up and marry a girl that he gets pregnant. It’s just better for everyone involved. Now, if the girl he knocked up doesn’t want to marry him that’s another story. But the option should be given to her. What do you guys think?

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