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    Raising children as a single parent is challenging enough. Add to that dating and romance and you?ve got a full schedule. Here?s how you can keep the romance alive while dating with children.

    1. Regular date nights. Plan in advance when you?re going to go out on dates. There may be time for some spontaneous dates, but having a structured dating schedule cuts down on the chances that you?ll have to cancel your plans. Have a regular babysitter in place for date night.

    2. Tender moments. If you?re spending a not-so-quiet evening with your partner at home, find time to sneak off away from the kids for a tender moment of kissing and hugging. You?ll feel like teenagers trying not to get caught.

    3. Surprises. You may have busy lives with work, housekeeping and raising children. Take some time to surprise one another with gifts and other gestures of appreciation. Do something nice for each other that doesn?t involve the kids.

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