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    Speed dating becoming more and more popular way of dating nowadays because you can meet tens of partners face to face within 1-2 hours. Here are some very important secrets that will help you to finish your speed dating with an ?actual? dating.

    • Before going to speed dating research something special about you and what question you will ask. Because every couple has just few minutes, you must know how to impress in such short period of time.
    • Well dress up will help too. Since it will be a speed date, it does not mean that it is not an actual date. So you must dress something classical.
    • Don?t come late. It will take some time for you to register on speed dating and you will have some time to identify persons whom you like, note potential matches.
    • Try to be clever person and do not ask the same question each new mini dating partner. Very often couples are sitting very close to each other so it could be that you next speed dating partner has accidentally heard what you asked a previous one.
    • Take the spotlight off you. During this short period of mini-date you must find a time to ask the questions and to respond the questions
    • Don?t dring alcohol before going on speed date.
    • Don?t ask personal questions
    • Have fun.
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