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    You decided to have a baby but you don;t want to quit your job… just yet :). Here are some tips to help you in coping with your boss, colleagues, and everything that has to do with your work:

    1. Giving the news to your boss.
    Sooner or later, you boss will see that you are pregnant, so you might as well be the first one to tell him that. Wait until you passed the first trimester, and then think of a way to approach him with this. Be responsible. Tell him when you are planning to take your maternity leave and come up with some suggestions concerning your absence. You can tell him what your plans were for your current projects and point out some capable people that will carry them out for you. Be careful, though, to make sure that the decisions made about work coverage during your leave are a collaborative effort and not a list of demands.

    2. Telling your work colleagues about it.
    They will appreciate you if you come forward with the news. Try to assure them that your pregnancy will not negatively affect their workload. But, don’t brag about it, you might offend other women who were not successful in having a child. Also, let them know that you will gladly help them if necessary.

    3. Morning sickness.
    You are in a meeting and you feel the typical morning sickness… what do you do? A good thing would be to tell in a discreet way that you are not feeling well and that you might have to be excused during the meeting. Also, make sure that you are siting in a chair as close to the exit as possible (not to disturb the meeting when you want to leave). People will understand.

    4. Planning your check-ups.
    When you are pregnant, you have to see the doctor on a regular basis. Treat you check-ups like their were business meetings. Plan with your doctor in advance and take them seriously. In this way, you will not be rushing into appointments.

    5. Taking your maternity leave.
    The standard maternity leave is for 12 weeks, but you’re employer might be willing to give you more. It’s important that you take more time then you believe it’s necessary, because it’s better to come earlier to work than to ask for an extension.

    6. Returning to work
    When you feel that you had enough rest and bounding with your child, return to work, but do it properly. First, make sure that it will not have a huge impact on you and your child. During the weeks before your return to work, try and slowly separate yourself from the baby (to get him used to your absence). Then, try to start work somewhere in the middle of the week, not on Monday. In this way, the week will not be long and you will not exhaust yourself straight away.


    Thanks for this.. Its very useful..Sometimes its difficult in the work place



    Really its a very useful Tips


    One of friend was facing this issues. She used to ask me what to do.. Infact she dint even tell her immediate boss about her preganancy. He got to know when she start looking pregi, if i would have get these tips earlier i would have shown her.. Thanks

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