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    I’m not that much of a caller… I even broke up with my ex because, as he claimed, I wasn’t showing interest in our relationship since I wasn’t calling or messaging him as much as he wanted. He said he was the one to always make the first contact and I just responded, without initiating a conversation – which was not entirely true :p

    In fact, I believe that bugging a guy with phone calls all day long is not doing any good. So unless it’s something biggie, I only contact in the morning and evening… Is it too little? And if so, how much is it enough often :confused:


    You do not initiate phone calls, texts, emails at this stage. You WAIT to respond to him. You return his calls, respond to texts and emails, and say yes or not to his requests for dates. The moment you begin to make the calls, text him, send emails, or ask him to go on a date, you have begun to pursue him, which feels to him that you are taking over his job as the man. Because you are. Most men do not like this and will walk away from this kind of woman. To them it feels like you are being clingy and needy.



    Yeah, that’s the problem with guys. If we don’t call they will tell us that we don’t care and we always expect him to initiate. However, if we are the one who calls him up he’ll feel suffocated. Be with a guy who enjoys receiving your phone calls and text messages. They are the ones who deserve to be in a relationship. But send him text messages at appropriate times, and call him up once in a while. Do not bombard him with all kinds of invasive questions. Same goes for men. I hate it when I get the who-what-when-where-why from them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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