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    I’ve always wondered about this one, yet I’m not going to personally get the answer, at least not for now :p
    Supposing you have accidentally cheated your bf/gf – or not really accidentally but you sure regret it – how would it feel having sex after that with your lover? I’ve heard people claiming that an affair can save a relationship already in trouble, so should it feel better? Or worse because of the guilt / remorse? Thinking even further, can that remorse make you struggle even more to satisfy your partner, in which case he/she will feel great and also help revitalizing your sex life?



    sex after cheating is impossible for me, because it will be unbearable to touch a person who let ur down.



    It depends on what color is your parachute.

    If you care how you feel if you cheat then obviously you’ll feel good both ways.

    If you care how the other person feels in the relationship where you are no longer the person you were (after having cheating experience) then you are probably luckier if you never have done cheating.

    Once you cheat your life will be different and you will be a different person. Hope this helps.



    Hi I am melissa from UK.

    I can not have sex after cheating…….
    Really i will start hating to person who will cheat to me…….
    I love to have phone sex chatting but i never cheat.
    If anybody is cheating with me i will never excuse him…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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