How Important Is It For A Marriage Proposal To Be Romantic?

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    I was talking about marriage proposals to a male friend of mine recently and he is a married guy. Out of interest, I asked him how he proposed to his wife and he told me that he just woke up one morning and felt that he should be married to her. So he woke her up and just casually asked her if she wanted to get married. She said yes! He didn’t have a ring or anything, because he didn’t even think about it before that day. Their marriage is very rocky and they seem to be heading towards a divorce.

    Another person I know, is happily married and her husband proposed to her on a very romantic setting. He carefully planned the event and it was a complete surprise to her. I’m not saying that a marriage is headed for failure if it isn’t planned properly or if the proposal isn’t romantic. But somehow, a lot of people believe that it’s definitely an opportunity for the guy (in some cases, the girl) can be creative. Because when we all think of breaking up with someone, we start weighing out the pros and cons. We definitely look back and think about the past. Perhaps a romantic proposal is something that some people think about?

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