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    ive just started a facebook group for men and women who can share their experiences whether it be on datin sites or the normal way and not havin much look find that special some one, the group is called lucky in love you can chat to people who are in the same situation as your self or just chat in general aswell it is a friendly group so you will be made welcome, its for genuine people only, the pic for the group is a green apple and i have 10 members and would like more, i also have a page called lookin for love where you can put comments and share things and that page as a orange flower and i have 10 people like that aswell, so if you are interested then my group is on there to if you would like to know any more then please send a message thankyou:)


    Hi Kathy, it sounds like a lot of you are having terrible experiences!
    Let’s face it, all that hard work and long hours make finding that special
    someone almost impossible. You’ve tried all the online dating sites – and
    found them a waste of your precious time. You’ve gone to the bars and
    pubs, but because of your busy schedule, you’re usually too tired to go
    regularly. And you’ve probably gone on your share of “doomed from the
    beginning” blind dates.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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