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    Guidelines for promoting dating sites in this forum

    We have quite a number of dating site owners who want to promote their site in this forums, that is perfectly okay. We spend a lot of time and money growing this forum, you are welcome to benefit from it however you must put something into the forum before you can take out. Here are guidelines for using this forum to promote your dating site.

    • You must contribute to this forum first. What we count as proper contribution is you STARTING NEW THREADS about any dating related issues. Please start a minimum of 5 HIGH QUALITY threads of a minimum of 100 or more words.
    • For each 5 new threads you start, you can post a link to your site.
    • When you post advert about your site, please DO NOT include more than 1 links. (If you start 10 new threads of more then you can add 2 links.
    • If your dating site is an adult dating site, that is fine BUT please do not post any pictures.
    • If you do not follow the above instructions, your post will be considered as spam and removed.
    • You can set up your website as a signature in your profile DO NOT add your site to your posts.


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