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    Speed dating has become one of the most popular dating method for singles guys and girls from London. Whether they are in search to spend some quality time among alike folks, or they are really in searching for the love of their lives, participants? numbers to London speed dating events are growing with each and every day.

    Some name it 3 minute dating, some 8 minute dating, it does not matter how it is called by different individuals, what it really matters is that nowadays singles parties in London are starting to become a part of London?s life. One can find speed dating events in London just by browsing the Internet for this kind of information, there are literally hundreds of speed dating parties held by London speed dating professionals each year.

    Although a lot of people are searching for free speed dating events in London, the possibility of finding a free party to attend to are quite limited while organising singles events in UK costs quite a lot of money and let?s face it, charity does not have its place in this industry. Lately, Valentine?s speed dating parties in London have a huge success among singletons searching for their half and the bookings to these parties are made days ago.

    But what is the advantage of speed dating in London?s dating industry, over the traditional dating methods available ? There are quite a few advantages of speed dating, but the most important one is that anyone attending to a speed dating party in London comes with the same thoughts as all participants : to meet the girl/guy of their dreams. There are literally no barriers for someone that could have different tastes, like a lesbian might attend a London lesbian speed dating party, a Chinese an asian speed dating event or even Muslims have their own Muslim speed dating events in London, the gates are opened to anyone and the possibilities of finding someone are endless.

    However, one can participate to all singles events held in London and not find the perfect match, things like this happen all the time, but the beauty of this dating method is that a not so long ago speed dating market research study showed that as the numbers of parties participated in are growing, the probability of knowing the perfect match highers its level, and it is quite obvious.

    There are some speed dating tips though that a guy or a girl might use in their favour and definitely increase the success rate, along with asking the right questions for a speed dating face to face meeting, however these speed dating tricks and advices can be found on Im Yours forum, spread as speed dating threads, so equip with patience and start reading the « speed dating » category?s articles.



    Nice post Kappa, the speed dating scene in London is so vibrant and very much alive. It is primarily dominated by a few big players and some long established smaller players. The big players have events in all the corners of London including North London, South London, West London and East London. Not that many events in East London though compared with south and central London.

    Most of the speed dating events organisers organise it in such a fun and interesting way that its usually a very pleasant evening whether you pull or not.



    I have always found it to be a great way of meeting the right kind of people



    And I think speed dating events are the best way to find out the right person instead of finding the right one on the net.Because in speed date every one sees the real persons ,so that it would become easier for both (male and female partners) to meet ,talk and find the right person for them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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