Gay robbed bank to help with sex change operation for his lover

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    John Wojtowicz was very romantic person who decided to rob a bank to help his partner with sex change operation. On August 22, 1972 he with two his accomplices did it [robbed a bank]. But something went wrong and they were surrounded by police.

    His official wife with their two children were there but did not want to talk with John. The same about his lover who was in the hostipal after suicide attempt. The only person who wanted to talk to him was his mother.

    After two negotiations John told that he was robbing the bank because wanted to deliver his lover money for sex change operation. He confirmed that he was gay.

    They married some time ago [he with his gay partner] but then his partner, Aron, become depressed because he wanted to be a woman. After some time they broke up. John was very disappointed so decided to rob a bank.

    In the end John was sentenced to 20 years and after that in Sydney one producer even released a film about this true love story.

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