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    1. In Scotland your are not allowed to be drunk while being in the possession of a cow!
    2. The tube route from Leicester Square to Covenant Garden – in London – is the most popular tube route for tourists… despite the fact that it is actually quicker to cover this distance on foot!
    3. The Queen of England, in all her majesty and glory, is not allowed to enter the House of Commons simply because she is not its member.
    4. In Medieval England, animals were tried in royal courts and punished for damages they inflicted on people or their properties.
    5. The British have a world wide recognized addiction: to tea. They drink more tea than any other nation.
    6. William the Conqueror ordered that everyone should go to bed at 8 o?clock.
    7. There are over 30,000 John Smiths in Britain.
    8. Female applicants for the original Directory Enquiry operators had to be single… they were expected to resign if they got married.
    9. Because Britain lived by the Julian calendar, until 1752 New Year?s Day fell on 25 March (known as the Lady Day)
    10. Around 80,000 umbrellas are lost annually on the London Underground.

    Do you know any other?




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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