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    Its amazing that the word “free” is still very strong and powerful when used in marketing terms, “free broadband” “free petrol” and of course there are loads of Free Dating sites.
    As we all know, most of the free stuff always have a catch or two so when a new “free UK dating site” was brought to my attention I took it with a pinch of salt.
    The new free dating site for a start has got the right name, its simple . On first looks, signing up is indeed free, just like with 99% of online dating sites including the paying sites. But once you sign up, you are usually encouraged to upgrade to paid membership to get the full benefit.
    I sign up for the free basic account at and expected to be encouraged to upgrade to the premium account but no upgrade invitation came. After exchanging emails with the site owners it turned out that the site is indeed free and the owners assured me that it will remain free with no advert or any other ways free dating sites monetise their contents for at least 1 year.

    So if you are looking for a really free, free dating site, I recommend that you try Free UK dating site. The only downside to the site is the fact that its still new, their database is still quite small which I was reassured they are working very hard to grow.

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