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    Hey! First post in this forum, hoping you guys and girls could help me out a little.

    Im 22 year old male and have recently been exchanging emails and texts with a girl of 20. In actual fact, we’ve been speaking on and off since I was 13 believe it or not. We’ve also had some sort of childhood ‘internet relationship’ in the past which inevitably failed due to distance as she used to live 400 miles away and we were only little kids. But 9 years on and in the past few weeks we’ve been speaking much more frequently. She now lives somewhat nearer to me, and we both want to meet up… for love..!

    could anybody direct me to any posts or articles which regard meeting up for the first time after already developing a ‘distant’ self image. I believe i have tried my best to deliver my true ‘real life’ self through online mediums and wish to hold onto this spark we have developed between each other.

    and if anyone can offer any tips they would be greatly appreciated. I have never met anybody off the internet in my adult years and i’m finding the tension rising!

    Thank you so much.



    Hah I understand why you are so nervous:) Firstly remember that she is nervous about the same things as you are. I’ve seen some good tips, if I find ’em I’ll post it.



    Yeah Ashman its really difficult to maintain such type of relationship online for such a long time, you are really great to have such relationship over internet medium. This sort of nervousness is common when you are meeting her for the first time but you will habituated to is soon,



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    My advice would be to just meet up and see what happens. The longer you leave it then the more pressure you will feel!

    James Preece – Dating Coach and Dating Expert

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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