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    I recently talked to a virtual friend of mine who was so upset about hearing that one of her best friends, to whom she haven?t talked to in years, came back to town without trying to get in touch with her. The story was rather revolting as she claims they were best friends, talked to each other and decided about never wanting more ? she made it clear that she doesn?t want to hook up with a friend ? and one day he suddenly disappeared. Just came back these days, after more than a year.

    We are both assuming he has fallen in love with her and preferred to go away rather than destroying their friendship. The thing is that the friendship is anyway destroyed now, she is pissed on him, he doesn?t call and for things to be better, she just insists that if he would have told her his problem, they would have found a way?

    What way is there to find when you do not want to make your friend a boyfriend?

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