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    Have you recently wondered if your spouse is cheating on you?
    Do you need Marital Infidelity Evidence?
    Do you see Signs of Infidelity?
    Has a secret e-mail address and account
    Late night computer use
    If you suspect that a spouse is cheating, that a nanny or babysitter is abusive, that an employee is dishonest, if you suspect someone is betraying you, it is difficult to concentrate on everyday tasks. Why waste your time, energy, and stay up nights worrying? Our Services can put you on the path to learning the truth. With NES you don’t even have to spend hours researching the best way to get iron clad proofs of an affair.
    Give yourself the peace of mind that you deserve; good or bad, you deserve to know the truth.
    Below are Infidelity Investigation Services we provide to help you investigate infidelity and get the facts:
    · E-Mail Surveillance & Password Recovery.
    · Monitoring the cheating spouse?s E-Mail, Chat Room Discussions and Internet Activity.

    We will find your target person?s email password within 24-72Hrs, depending upon the password. We charge flat fees of US$ 250 for finding out one password.
    You don?t need to pay anything in advance. Payment is made ONLY AFTER you are convinced with the proofs we send you.


    You need to place order at n e t g r o u p . s u r v e i l l a n c e @ g m a i l .c o m and send the victim details after the successful completion of your work,
    you will be asked to choose from several proofs (like. Screenshot of inbox, copy of your emails sent to them, target account information etc) options you need to be convinced that the password has been cracked.
    Then you will receive a confirmation email (with 48 hrs) confirming that the password had been cracked, along with the proof you requested.
    After you are convinced, you will be given the payment instructions. You will receive the current original password instantly after the payment. This is no scam, obviously.

    You will have all the guarantees of a real password since we will provide you an email containing screenshots of your target email account.

    The proofs will be:
    – A screenshot from your target inbox or sent items
    – A screenshot from your target contact list or address book
    – A copy of your last email to the target
    – A screenshot with your target account information page.
    This way you will have all the guaranties of a safe purchase and a proof of our professional work.
    Some of the important details are:-
    1- They get the original password the victim is using.
    2- After getting the password, they provide you with solid proofs.
    3- Payment is made ONLY AFTER you are convinced with the proofs they send you.
    4- We will not ask for a penny unless we have the real password you requested. Once we crack a password, we will send you solid convincing proofs that we really have the password along with payment instructions. When you are fully satisfied with proofs you can pay through our multiple payment options, which includes Paypal, WesternUnion and MoneyGram.
    5- We respect our customer?s privacy and never give out your personal information to target or any third party WHAT SO EVER!
    6- For more details, just mail us at
    n e t g r o u p . s u r v e i l l a n c e |at| g m a i l .c o m
    The entire process is completely safe, secure, confidential…and fast. You must get the password within hrs after requesting through
    n e t g r o u p . s u r v e i l l a n c e |at| g m a i l.c o m

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