Euro 2012 causes increase in naughty sexting?

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    Euro 2012 time for neglected partners to cheat?
    For women (and perhaps men?) whose partners are crazy about football, is the current Euro 2012 games season one of the times they fell neglected and go to affairs dating sites to find someone to cheer them up?
    Many married dating and affairs dating sites are advertising to women who believed they are football widows during this Euro 2012, one such site is Very Naughty Married dating, they are inviting football widows to sign up free of charge and meet men who have time for women and not too obsessed with football.

    Some of the services Very Naughty Married Dating is quite interesting, its not all about having affairs in the normally sense of the word (though it includes that) their affairs services includes cheating by text; where the affairs is confined to just texting and sexting without actually meeting in person.

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