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    Do you drink tea as a form of alternative medicine? I do. I use red raspberry leaf tea to ease cramps, chamomile to ease me to sleep, slippery elm bark to relieve a sore throat and peppermint tea to relieve me of a headache. I always take mine with a spoonful of honey and will either have it hot or cool it in the fridge for later.



    I tend to drink Echinacea tea in the winter, its supposed to help boost your immune system.



    @Temi: you are very right about the immune system .. Tea contains catechins, an antioxidant that boosts the immune system. Vitamin H, also known as biotin, is present in teas and also assists with a healthy immune system

    i drink black tea as drinking black tea helps to burn fat and speed up metabolism 🙂



    Black tea helps with speeding up metabolism and fat? I am trying that. I heard green and white tea help but I wonder, I bet black is more effective. Thanks, I love tea! I could drink it all day.




    I drink Chinese tea which helps me alot ..I think Chinese tea is a good energy booster and increase immune system.I drink almost 3 cup of tea daily.



    I have drank it before to soothe a sore throat. It is good at doing that.



    I use to drink green tea, good for health and helps you to reduce weight and belly fat. It is an anti-oxidant and have vitamin C in it, cure for skin cancer, clear digestion, away you from heart attacks.



    Well there is different controversy about the benefits and risks on different types of tea consumption . Most people tend to take green tea which is considered beneficial in terms of weight management , energy as well . This weight management is extremely important for people due to the fact that , So green tea contains substances which are intended to lose weight .

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