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    Last week, I experienced a funny scenario where an long-time friend of mine crashed at a party I was having. He brought his girlfriend and it didn’t really bother me that he came by so I went over to them to greet them both. So I shook his hand and then after that, I extended my hand to this new girl who I had never met before. To my surprise, she screamed “can’t you see I’m busy right now?”

    I didn’t say anything immediately, but it was clear that she didn’t know that I was the host. So I told a mutual friend of ours (who told them about the party) to get rid of them and that I didn’t want that woman in my property. I didn’t even greet them in a way that I was trying to flirt with her boyfriend. That guy is millions of years younger than me and I have always looked at him like he’s a kid. But a part of me feels that the reason why she treated me in that way was because she felt threatened by me. Is that the way jealous women react to other women? Or am I reading too much into this?

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